A Humble Hero

Man who found the Boston Marathon bombing suspect in his yard gets a ‘new’ used boat.

David Henneberry may be the world’s most famous owner of a used fishing boat.

Henneberry is the Boston man who emerged from his back door in mid-April to discover accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bleeding inside of his shrink-wrapped boat, the Slip Away III. Within hours, the boat that Henneberry had so meticulously cocooned for the winter season was riddled with bullets from the guns of local and federal law enforcement officers who captured Tsarnaev alive.

A fund was then set up on Henneberry’s behalf via Crowdtilt, a website that lets people donate to causes and ideas they want to support. The Crowdtilt campaign to replace Henneberry’s boat brought in more than $50,000, which Henneberry used to bring home a “new” used 24-footer.

Henneberry asked that any money raised beyond the $50,000 be donated to the One Fund, which was created to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
"You just want to ramble on, you feel so grateful," Henneberry told local media. "After such a bad thing happened to us and the people of Boston, it was wonderful to see that. It was humbling. It restores your faith in people."

He named the new boat Beth Said Yes, after his wife. The name Slip Away III is being allowed to slip away into history along with the memories of the tragic day of the bombing.