Hargrave 101: Suit to Fit

Owner input led Hargrave Custom Yachts to design its highly personalized 101.

January 3, 2017
Hargrave 101, Hargrave Yachts, Brokerage
Two variations of the 101 are available on today’s brokerage market: Raised Pilothouse and Sky Lounge. Courtesy Hargrave

Custom is written right into the Hargrave Custom Yachts brand name. The builder has produced more than 100 custom yachts so far, including several 101-foot motoryachts.

Notable features: Yachting’s test 101, Victoriano, was outfitted with a pair of 1,675 hp Caterpillar C32 diesels, providing a 21-knot top speed and an 18-knot cruising speed. Her bridge deck had a bar and whirlpool.

Belowdecks: Depending on an owner’s needs or desires, he could choose a four- or five-stateroom layout, with a five- or six-­person crew area.


Availability: At press time, seven Hargrave 101s were on the brokerage market, ranging from $3,950,000 to $8,876,100.

“Our customers are what we call ‘the working rich,’ and they understand the value of a dollar and have worked hard to get theirs. … They want us to design and build them boats that make sense.”

Hargrave CEO Michael Joyce — Yachting, May 2010


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