Hands-Free Control

The Simrad SG05 autopilot is designed to make your life easier at the helm.

Simrad SG05 autopilot

The Simrad SG05 autopilot is all about hands-free control.Courtesy Simrad

Simrad’s SG05 autopilot is all about hands-free control. When used in conjunction with a Simrad NSO, NSE or NSS multifunction display and SeaStar Solutions’ Optimus EPS Power Steering or an Optimus 360 joystick, this autopilot will make you feel like your boat is driving itself.

The SG05 can guide Optimus-equipped boats through turn patterns or toward a specific waypoint. It can even direct the boat in a zigzag pattern. And it’s easy to install thanks to its use of a CAN-bus data network. It requires no extra hydraulic pump.

Other features on the Simrad SG05 include Auto, NAV, NoDrift and FollowUp modes, and Dodge. Retail price is $1,081.

Learn more at www.simrad-yachting.com, and look for additional information in an upcoming issue of our print magazine.