Give Outside the Box

The greatest gifts rarely come in a box. Donate to these organizations to help preserve the world that lies beneath the waves.


Eddie Berman

As boaters, we spend a lot of time — or as much as we can — on the water. Whether it is a lake, a river or the open ocean, the water’s surface is our playground, our home away from home. But for myriad fish, insects, mammals, plants and ecosystems as varied and numerous as the stars in the sky, it is home. And for this reason, we must be stewards of this environment, preserving the world that lies beneath the waves so that the next generation of yachting entusiasts can point their bows to a clean horizon. This holiday season, the best gift for the boater in your life may not come in a box, but in an envelope as a donation to one of these organizations and their missions, educational programs and overall goals of maintaining the health of our seas.

The International Seakeepers Society;

The Maritime Aquarium;
(We visited the Maritime Aquarium for our Holiday Gift Guide photo shoot, above, right)


The Mystic Aquarium;

The SoundWaters organization;

Ocean Conservancy;


The Ocean Conservation Society;

Ocean Alliance;