Getting There: 4 Charters in the Northern Caribbean

Despite the storms, there are still a variety of charter options to cruise the northern Caribbean islands.

M3 built by Intermarine.Thierry Dehove

The 147-foot Intermarine M3 takes 10 guests in five staterooms. The VIP rivals the master in size and styling. Ocean Independence manages M3 at a lowest weekly base rate of $145,000.

Far Niente built by Westport.Courtesy Westport

This photo says it all about tenders and toys aboard the 130-foot Westport Far Niente, a 2014 build that is new to the Churchill Yacht Partners fleet. Her lowest weekly base rate is $130,000.

Hanikon built by Feadship.Quin Bisset

Y.CO calls the 164-foot Hanikon "the quietest Feadship on the water." She previously chartered as High Chaparral and Troyanda, and has a strong reputation. Her weekly base rate is $225,000.

Muchos Mas built by Crescent.Forest Johnson

The silvery hull color of the 144-foot Crescent Muchos Mas helps her make an entrance in any harbor. Burgess markets her at a lowest weekly base rate of $210,000 for as many as 11 guests.