Fusion Stereos: Yacht Rock

With a new app and a partnership with Tiara Yachts, Fusion aims to make onboard music easy.

Fusion entertainment stereo
MS-UD750 modelCourtesy Fusion

Fusion Entertainment Systems will now be offered on new builds from Tiara Yachts, with choices that include the MS-UD750 model (above) with internal UNI-Dock. It's a nifty system that lets you slide a smartphone inside — where it's protected from the elements — and then play your music throughout the yacht. The housing can fit a range of smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new-model iPhone 6.

Want new-stereo features for your current yacht instead? Fusion also updated its Fusion-Link app, which lets you tune in digital audio broadcast stations from a smartphone or tablet (below) on 650- and 750-series Fusion systems paired with a DAB module and antenna. The app interface works like the stereo interface, giving you control of your tunes from anywhere aboard.

Fusion entertainment stereo
Fusion-Link appCourtesy Fusion