Former Miami Dolphin Football Player Survives 9 Hours in Atlantic

Rob Konrad Swims 9 Miles to Shore After Falling Off Boat

Former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad did the unthinkable by swimming nearly nine miles over nine hours to shore after falling off his 36-foot boat Wednesday afternoon.

The 38-year-old former second-round pick out of Syracuse was fishing alone off the South Florida coast, and fell off while it was running on autopilot.

After failing to get back on the boat, Konrad started swimming to shore. He made landfall after 4 a.m. Thursday when he contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Local 10 reports.

Konrad's friends alerted the Coast Guard after he failed to show up for dinner.

According to the Coast Guard, before its aircraft could arrive on scene the Palm Beach Police Department informed them Konrad had been located on shore.

The former fullback was admitted to an area hospital and was treated for potential hypothermia, according to the USA Today.

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