Fast Forward

The AM Voyage 55 gets its looks from Aston Martin styling.

AM Voyage 55

Yacht designer Luiz de Basto has paid homage to Aston Martin in his concept design, the AM Voyage 55. Passionate about cars (and an Aston Martin owner), de Basto set out to create a boat that would echo the lines of Aston Martin's Vantage, Rapide, DBS and Virage models. The roof line, window shapes, front and rear lights, side ventilation, spoiler and hood details, and the front grille, which is reflected in the shape of the windshield, are all carried over from Aston Martin styling. While de Basto sees his design as more of a creative exercise than anything else, he drew the AM Voyage 55 to be a seaworthy boat that could be built on request.