Extreme Challenge for Charity

Teams from Y.CO and Lewis Moody will bicycle from Vietnam to Cambodia for 10 days.

Y.CO, Charity, Lewis Moody Foundation
Y.CO and the Lewis Moody Foundation have teamed up to raise money by cycling more than 600 miles in Southeast Asia.Courtesy Y.CO

Yacht company Y.CO and the Lewis Moody Foundation, a U.K.-based charity that raises awareness about brain tumors in children, are teaming up once again to raise money.

In 2015, the two partnered for a polar expedition that raised more than $275,000. This time, the group will spend 10 days bicycling more than 600 miles from Saigon, Vietnam, to Angkor Watt, Cambodia, through steep mountains and dense jungles.

“By taking on more extreme challenges, we want to inspire the Y.CO team, the yachting industry and the wider luxury industry to embrace challenges and support those in need,” Charlie Birkett, co-founder and CEO of Y.CO, stated in a press release.

Visit Y.CO's website or the Lewis Moody Foundation's website for more information, including details on how to participate (if you think you're up to the challenge).