Kanvaslight Fabric Illuminates Your Boat

Kanvaslight Fabric adds luminosity to properly equipped textiles.

Kanvaslight fabric
Kanvaslight is created with a combination of LEDs, fiber-optic strands and polyester fibers. Courtesy Kanvaslight

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Kanvaslight fabric is the first self-illuminating fabric for the marine market. Guardtex builds Kanvaslight Fabric by intertwining fiber-optic strands with polyester fibers to create a Jacquard weave and then perforating the fiber-optic strands with micro holes (imagine a soaker hose). One end of the fabric is then connected with a light injector, which generates LED-based lumens that can be white or red-green-blue-white, depending on the model. These lumens are enhanced by a magnifying lens. The light travels down the dimmable fiber-optic strands, which intentionally “leak” lumens; with certain installations, an optical wire can increase the light injector’s range.

Jean-Côme Mazière, Guardtex’s chief operating officer, says that while market acceptance and application were hurdles Guardtex overcame with previous offerings, another challenge involved creating the lumens. “Guardtex had to develop light injectors capable of being integrated into existing systems,” he says, adding that the solution involved researching and developing a system that can be controlled via a smartphone or a networked display.  

Kanvaslight fabric
Kanvaslight Fabrics are flexible and can bend around turns on the boat. Courtesy Kanvaslight

Light Bright

Guardtex designed Kanvaslight Fabric so 80 percent of the transmitted light is leaked over the length of beach fiber-optic strand. There are two versions of Kanvaslight Fabric. Performance fabrics are brighter and use more fiber optics per inch. Smooth fabrics have roughly half as many fiber optics per inch to achieve a lower price point. Kanvaslight Fabrics are flexible and can bend around turns on the boat.

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