Did Seasickness Sink the Broncos?

Super Bowl blowout was preceded by a media event on a rolly ship in the Hudson River.

As NFL fans continue struggling to make sense of the 43-8 trouncing that the Seattle Seahawks gave superstar quarterback Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, some eyes are turning to the Hudson River, where the team did a media event in rolly seas that left some of the players feeling sick.

“I wasn’t prepared for a rocking cruise ship,” Manning told reporters before the big game. “I guess there’s always a wrinkle.”

The 210-foot Cornucopia Majesty didn't leave any of the Broncos hugging the porcelain in the heads, but it did leave them wobbly and complaining of stomachaches as wakes hit the ship after other boats passed.

“They didn’t have any sea legs,” a cruise line representative told WPRO radio.

The Seahawks held their media events on land at a Hyatt Regency hotel.

Was the not-so-shipshape press event the only factor that led to the Broncos being pulverized? Probably not — but it’s a great tidbit to which conspiracy theorists in Denver can cling for years to come.