Contender’s 32 ST is the Reel Deal

Contender’s 32 ST is a rugged, aggressively lined center console that’s ready to compete.

Contender 32 ST
The 32 ST was originally conceived as a kite-fishing boat for South Florida, but nowadays it’s ready to fish any way you please. Courtesy Contender

Simply put, the 32 ST from ­ Contender is not messing around. With twin 350 hp Yamahas, the boat can reportedly sprint at 59 knots atop the cushion of air its twin-stepped hull creates. Three fish boxes and a 40-gallon livewell complement an arsenal of rod holders that bolster the boat’s angling street cred.

WHOM IT’S FOR: This 32 ST is a fine match for a tournament angler or someone who wants a ­fish-centric tender for his mega-yacht cruises. And those über-masculine Contender lines will reel in the best of them, from potential owners to dockside onlookers.

PICTURE THIS: Sure, the galley on the big boat is stocked with all sorts of goodies, but all day long you’ve been hankering for some fish tacos made with fresh mahimahi. From your yacht’s skybridge, you noticed a weed line in the near distance — it looks promising. So you launch the 32 ST, fire up the engines and blast off toward tonight’s dinner. Just don’t forget to hang on tight.


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