In Command

Equipment to help you take charge of your vessel.

Eartec’s Simultalk 24G

Eartec’s Simultalk 24G hands-free headset wireless system allows easy communication between crew (or cruising couples) from anywhere on board. Instead of shouting over the wind and the engines, simply turn the radio on, clip it to your jacket, shirt or belt and speak into the headset. Great for anchoring, docking and short-handed voyaging, the complete Simultalk set (two 24G radios, two cyber headsets, batteries, chargers and a padded case) retails for $300. Eartec Co., 800-399-5994;

Exalto Type 1 windshield wiper

The Exalto Type 1 windshield wiper (price range $310 to $375) is a good fit for windows up to 42 inches tall. Constructed with 316 stainless-steel and brass attachment heads, the Type 1 comes in adjustable lengths, from 105/8 inches to 29½ inches, and up to 31½ inches. Finished in a durable, low-glare, black polyester epoxy coating, the Exalto Type 1 features a spring mechanism that provides the ability to fold back the wiper arm for easy access without damaging the spring, and the user can adjust the pressure of the wiper arm against the glass to ensure a clean sweep every time. Imtra, 508-995-7000;

Matrix AIS Plus GX2150 fixed-mount VHF

The new Matrix AIS Plus GX2150 fixed-mount VHF from Standard Horizon ($400) features a die-cast chassis, user-changeable channel names, a ClearVoice noise-canceling speaker microphone, 4.5-watt audio output and programmable and priority scan. In addition, the GX2150 features AIS capability, with a 4,800 to 38,400 NMEA input baud rate selection (for plotters with one NMEA port), true and magnetic selection for AIS targets, simultaneous PA/fog operation with AIS display and a GPS status display. Standard Horizon, 800-767-2450;

StartNow Charles Industries

The StartNow automatic starter switch and battery combiner from Charles Industries ($128) is a microprocessor that allows your tender or center console’s main battery to drain without draining the reserve battery too, so you can still start your boat after a long day at the sandbar or fishing the flats. A sensor on the StartNow system automatically detects if the voltage on the main battery is low and activates the second battery to start the engine. Charles Industries, 800-830-6523;

T-2 yacht horn from Kahlenberg

The T-2 yacht horn from Kahlenberg ($4,336) combines three projector “trumpets” to sound an impressive 135 dB blast. Made from bronze or brass, with a triple-plated chrome finish or white powder coat, the T-2 weighs in at 54 pounds and can operate on any standard AC or DC voltage. The horn requires little maintenance, meets or exceeds all International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards and is designed for vessels ranging from 65 to 240 feet in length. Kahlenberg Industries Inc., 920-793-4507;

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