Cameras Roll at Vitters and Hakvoort

Renowned Dutch yacht builders are among those featured in a new Discovery Channel series.

Crews from the Discovery Channel have spent the past year in Holland, rolling cameras to show how superyachts are built at Vitters Shipyard, Vripack, Hakvoort Shipyard, Icon Yachts and Balk Shipyard. A six-part series titled “Superyachts” is scheduled to air this summer, featuring behind-the-scenes interviews with everyone from builders and engineers to designers and naval architects.

“A century of ship building, traditional values of craftsmanship, the latest technologies and the finest equipment are all ingredients for a spectacular and exclusive series about the industry and its pursuit of perfection in luxury yacht building,” the Vitters team stated in a press release.

The “Superyachts” series is scheduled to premiere this summer in Europe and the United Kingdom, with plans now in the works for release dates on the Discovery Channel in the United States. Until you see the show in your local listings, you can watch this free preview of the Vitters episode on YouTube: