Building A Dream Part I

From boat builder to boat buyer. The voyage begins.

April 7, 2017
Trawler, Kadey-Krogen, Yachting
A rendering of the Kadey-Krogen 50. Courtesy Kadey-Krogen

Larry Polster is Kadey-Krogen’s vice president. He’s also an avid yachtsman. So when Hull No. 1 of his company’s new 50 Open recently became available, the adventure-seeking voyager knew his ship had come in, literally.

Polster says, “We quickly sold two [50 Opens], but unfortunately the first one had to back out which became an opportunity for me and my wife Janet!”

The longtime trawler enthusiast is now in the midst of the detailed build.


“I came to Kadey-Krogen Yachts 15 years ago as a believer in the brand, based upon what I had read and witnessed at boat shows and my ownership of a Krogen 42,” Polster says. “My beliefs were confirmed as a salesperson when I met Krogen owners and heard their stories of the wonderful experience they had working with Tom Button designing and building their dream Kadey-Krogen.”

Trawler, Kadey-Krogen, Yachting
The bulkheads of the Kadey-Krogen 50 in build. Courtesy Kadey-Krogen

For the last 11 years, Polster has been a partner in the company. But has it changed his perspective being a client?

“I know that I interface with Tom and Dave (our naval architect) less than most customers, since I already understand the process, but I have to tell you that I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I sit with the large drawings spread out and talk with Janet about what we want our Krogen to be. It is truly a unique and gratifying experience.”


The fiberglass hull is laid up. Cure time is three weeks, ensuring a stout backbone for this bluewater cruiser. Polster says as the fiberglass cures in the mold, bulkhead and stringer installation will start.

The owner recently posted a progress report online about next steps.

Trawler, Kadey-Krogen, Yachting
An aft view of the 50’s hull and belowdeck layout. Courtesy Kadey-Krogen

“Meanwhile, there are decisions to be made! We have started to look at countertops and think about drawer cabinet sizes for the galley. There’s a lot to consider, for example, owner have typically chosen to store their dishes in a cabinet, but a few years ago and owner requested a special drawer with movable pegs to really, really keep their dishes from moving while underway. Will we do the same thing? We are leaning that way. In our kitchen at home, we have a mixture of drawers and cabinets and find drawers easier to use.”


But what are the plans for this owner’s dreamboat?

Polster says, “One thing I am not doing, is retiring and sailing off into the sunset! Someday maybe, but not right now. We plan to use our Krogen 50’ Open as a second home and be an example of how you can be employed and enjoy a boat like a Kadey-Krogen. Our boat and lifestyle are ideally suited for many professions, and technology is making telecommuting easier and easier every day. At Kadey-Krogen, I oversee the business side of things such as marketing and accounting. Our Krogen 50’ Open will be in a few boat shows next winter and then we plan to spend four to six weeks in the Bahamas before heading up to Annapolis.”

Stay tuned as Yachting as we chronicle this Kadey-Krogen 50 Open’s story to launch.

Trawler, Kadey-Krogen, Yachting
The hull of the Kadey-Krogen 50. Courtesy Kadey-Krogen
Name Spec
LOA 52’9”
Beam (molded) 16’9″
Displacement 68,000 lbs. (half load)
Ballast 5,000 lbs. (encapsulated lead)
Feul 1,240 gal.
Water 400 gal.
Power 1/231 bhp John Deere diesel

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