Brokerage: Pershing 90

The Pershing 90 took high-performing express cruisers to new lengths.

November 1, 2017
Pershing 90
A yacht like this usually is crewed, so she came with two crew cabins (a single and a bunk) and a crew head with shower. Courtesy Pershing

When you see a rooster tail blasting out behind a silver streak of a yacht doing 45 knots, there’s a good chance you’ve just witnessed a Pershing 90 doing what she was created to do: go hard, go fast. She’ll cruise all day at 38 knots.

Notable features: Twin 2,435 hp MTU diesels were standard issue. The salon stretches about a third of the 90’s length overall, and double sliding glass doors connect it with the cockpit.

Belowdecks: Her standard ­European layout has four staterooms. The American version has three, with the extra space converted to a lounge.


Availability: At press time, seven ­Pershing 90s were on the market, ranging from $2.1 million to $3.2 million.

“This American second lounge provides a light, elegant hideaway. Coming complete with home theater, large-screen TV and a 10-seat sofa (which could also be used as a bed), it’s perfect for entertaining different groups of people.”

Yachting, October 2007


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