On Board Entertainment Tips

Use these recipes to make your next party even better.

Crantucket Mojito (ingredients serve 10)
15 oz. Myers’s Platinum Rum (25 oz. per bottle)
10 oz. Stirrings Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mixer (32 oz. per bottle)
10 tablespoon(s) Stirrings Cosmopolitan Rimmer
10 sprig(s) mint
10 cup(s) ice
15 oz. Stirrings Mojito Cocktail Mixer (32 oz. per bottle)

Ship of Fools (ingredients serve 10)
10 oz Sailor Jerry spiced navy rum
10 oz Captain Morgan spiced rum
10 oz Admiral Nelson’s coconut rum
10 oz Cabana Boy pineapple coconut rum
40 oz pineapple juice
20 oz crushed pineapples
20 oz coconut milk or cream of coconut