Better Control of Your Tunes

Fusion-Link Lite lets you adjust songs from the steering wheel, smartwatch and more.

Fusion-Link Lite

Courtesy Fusion

If you have a newer car, then you know it’s possible to adjust your stereo from your steering wheel without ever taking your eyes off the road. Fusion is now making that same reality — and more — possible aboard yachts with Fusion-Link Lite.

Fusion-Link Lite is an open-source audio control platform that lets accessory manufacturers network their products with Fusion’s marine entertainment systems. For instance, Isotta and Gussi will now offer marine steering wheels that include streamlined audio control, while Garmin’s Fenix 3 smartwatch will offer the same capability when paired with a connected smartphone.

“Due to the growing need by consumers to have a level of audio control never before seen in the industry, we were approached by a number of accessory manufacturers looking to integrate our systems with their devices,” Chris Baird, Fusion Entertainment’s managing director, stated in a press release. “Fusion-Link Lite is a powerful solution for our partners to design a new future of marine entertainment.”

Fusion-Link Lite works with: devices via NMEA 2000, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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