After Coverage Ends

Learn more about extended warranties on engines. Web extra from our January 2012 issue.

December 19, 2011

Engine Room

An engine room full of expensive diesel engines demands that you know the details of their warranty.

MTU, Caterpillar and other companies offer plans after primary or extended warranties lapse. Caterpillar’s Advantage Platinum Plus Warranty is essentially the same as new engine warranties. MTU’s Certified Care Coverage excludes a few components. Both plans cost more than those purchased while engines are within contiguous factory or extended warranty.

Total coverage for MTU engines cannot exceed 5000 hours or 7 years from the original service date of the engines. Plans are for two years, but they can be purchased twice for four-year coverage. MTU Certified Care Coverage can also be purchased after five-year initial Extended Propulsion Coverage. Caterpillar’s Advantage Warranty is purchased for two to five years of service after other warranties have lapsed, which extends Cat’s total potential combined warranty plans to 10 years and 9000 hours for most engines.


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