According to Dennis Rodman…

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un likes to entertain on a 200-foot megayacht.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman recently told The Sun that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un owns a "seven-star," 200-foot yacht that is a cross between a ferry and a Disney boat.

We’re not exactly sure what that means — a vision of Donald Duck trying to park a Mercedes onboard comes to mind — but a report released earlier this month stated that Jong-un’s regime spent more than $645 million during 2012 on luxury goods, including exotic pets, luxury watches and about $30 million worth of high-end alcohol imports. That means the boat could be carrying anything from Russian vodka to African monkeys.

Jong-un apparently enjoys entertaining on his yacht, as well as on his private island, where Rodman spent a week vacationing during his second visit to North Korea. Rodman plans to coach the North Korean basketball team ahead of the next Olympics, so we can only assume the party will be on Jong-un’s boat if the squad brings home a medal.