All Black Everything

The stealthy Delta 26 Open Black Edition makes her impression from Stockholm to St. Barth.

Delta 26 Open Black Edition, tender, yacht
Delta 26 Open Black Edition: LOA: 26'7", Top Speed: 52 Knots.Courtesy Delta Carbon Yachts

Have you ever driven an open boat in conditions so forbidding there was actually ice on the bow?

I have.

For many, I guess, that would seem a suboptimal experience. For me, firing the slick Delta 26 Open Black Edition all around the Stockholm archipelago last November was an unforgettable time. And despite the surreal surroundings — onshore, some of the finest homes in Sweden nestle into dark woods and up against darker water — the boat stole the show. She looks like a stealth fighter, and with the wind blasting you in the face at speeds over 50 knots with optional 380 hp Volvo Pentas, she feels only a little bit slower.

Delta 26 Open Black Edition, tender, yacht
The Delta’s deep-V, twin-stepped hull simultaneously hugs the water and cleaves it in two. And the orange interior adds flair.Courtesy Delta Carbon Yachts


She’s no Lamborghini Veneno; she’s an Audi R8.She’s for the guy who wants a touch of flash and more than enough everything else.


You board your flight at JFK and touch down in Miami three hours later. Your driver gets you to the marina, and you step out into the roaring sunlight. You scan the docks for your new boat. It’s nothing but a sea of white plastic. Then you see your Black Edition, sparkling like a piece of polished onyx against  the mint-green water. She’s different, this one. She pulls off the enviable with ease — standing out without sticking out. And she’s all yours.