4 Strangers for 4,000 miles

Adventurers sail 4,000 miles to re-create a famous voyage.

June 18, 2010

4 strangers 4000 miles

Tuesday evening adventurer Don McIntyre and his three crew members successfully concluded their 4,000-mile re-creation of William Bligh’s famed ocean voyage.

It was 221 years ago when Captain William Bligh and 18 of his loyal men fell victim to a mutiny aboard the British Royal Ship the HMS Bounty and were sent adrift on a 23-foot open boat. Under harsh conditions and carrying few provisions, Bligh and his crew traveled an astonishing 3,618 nautical miles in 47 days to safety in Timor, in the Dutch Indies.

To recognize Bligh’s achievement, the crew of the 25-foot open wooden vessel set sail under very similar circumstances—with no modern navigation equipment.


“We had no charts, no toilet paper, we only had enough food for 400 grams a day for the whole trip,” said captain Don McIntyre.

Amidst tremendous adversity they completed the adventure and became the first men to re-create such an expedition. They also raised money for The Sheffield Institute Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease.


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