320 Sharks You Should Follow

Tagged in Australia, they Tweet their location near beaches. That has us thinking…

Baby Great White

Patrick Sciacca

If you want to know where great white sharks are swimming, write down this Twitter handle: @SLSWA. It stands for Surf Life Saving Western Australia, which follows transmitters that scientists have attached to 320 sharks. The transmitters set off a Tweet when the sharks get within a kilometer of popular beaches, providing an immediate warning to the more than 14,000 followers via smartphone.


And we can think of a few more ways this technology might be beneficial to boaters:

• Tag every boat whose owner has received a BUI citation and have the signal go straight to our autopilot to leave a wide berth.

• Tag the creep who ignores the no-wake zone outside the marina so we can buzz his boat with a rooster tail while he’s at anchor taking a nap.

• Tag our kids’ paddleboards and Wave Runners to alert us if they go beyond a half-mile perimeter around the boat.

• Tag the best stool at the beach bar to alert us about happy hour beginning, so we can tie up for the night with plenty of time to spare.