Ocean Independence Adds Charter Carbon Offset Program

The company is working with ClimatePartner to help charter clients mitigate emissions from charter vacations.

Ocean Independence ClimatePartner
The various emissions-offsetting projects will contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals. Courtesy Ocean Independence

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Ocean Independence is working with ClimatePartner out of Switzerland to offer a charter carbon offset program.

“In yachting, we are fortunate to be able to experience the very best our natural world has to offer, so we at Ocean Independence feel it is important that we protect our environment to the best of our ability,” Peter Hürzeler, CEO of Ocean Independence, stated in a press release.

The companies will calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from charter itineraries and offset those emissions through various projects that, among other things, contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

After the charter, clients will receive a certificate detailing the amount of emissions offset and the projects supported. As a rough guide, for a typical week-long charter, charter clients can expect the total contribution to range from about $2,200 to $8,700.

What are some projects that Ocean Independence and ClimatePartner include? Projects that let waste collectors exchange plastic waste for money, food, drinking water or school fees in developing communities; the development of hydroelectric power to stop the use of illegal charcoal in the Congo’s Virunga National Park; and chemically treating household water supplies to protect children in India against cholera and typhoid fever.

Where to learn more: contact a charter broker at oceanindependence.com

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