Nuvolari Lenard’s 663-Foot Centerfold

The 663-foot Nuvolari Lenard Centerfold would become the largest yacht in the world.

Nuvolari Lenard Centerfold
Italy’s Nuvolari Lenard is thinking big with this concept design, which has a displacement of 16,800 gross tons. Courtesy Nuvolari Lenard

Big doesn’t even begin to describe it. The 663-foot Centerfold concept design from Italy’s Nuvolari Lenard would have a displacement of 16,800 gross tons, engines with a total of 100,000 hp, and projected speeds of at least 35 knots. Even in the rarefied compendium of superyachts, this steel-and-aluminum build would be a standout, dwarfing the world’s current largest yacht, the 590-foot Lürssen Azzam, in both size and modern styling attributes.

Still want more? The Centerfold would also have a zero-emission, “full-electric stealth” mode for cruising in the most ecologically sensitive destinations.

Nuvolari Lenard Centerfold
Guest spaces would be unrivaled on a yacht of this length overall. Note the fire pit on centerline in the rendering above. Courtesy Nuvolari Lenard

The concept yacht’s name is a nod to photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi, who worked with Nuvolari Lenard on the renderings and is known for his work photographing supermodels for Playboy and more.

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