Greener and Faster with the Fugu 29

The Fugu 29 aims to get to its destination faster and with less fuel.

Fugu 29
The Fugu 29 reportedly has a maximum speed of 55 to 60 knots and a 40-knot cruising speed. Courtesy Fugu Powerboats

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The Fugu 29 has a Petestep hull designed to deflect spray, reduce pounding and increase efficiency. The MerCruiser engine reportedly delivers a 40-knot cruising speed while burning less than a gallon of fuel per nautical mile. This boat, which has a cabin accommodating two adults, is customizable. 

There are 350 hp or 430 hp sterndrive engines, and single- or dual-prop configurations. Options include suspension seating; hull, tube and upholstery colors; and electronics and lighting. Dual-hull steps and deflectors reportedly offer better hydrodynamics than spray rails.  

Whom It’s For: Fuel-conscious owners seeking performance too.  

Picture This: It’s Friday in Newport, Rhode Island, and you want to hit Winfield’s Restaurant on Block Island for dinner. You drop the hammers on the Fugu 29 without burning anywhere near as much fuel as an outboard-driven RIB.  

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