Meet the Foiler, a Flying Yacht

Enata Marine introduces its new go-fast, hyrofoiling yacht.

The Foiler reportedly offers an extraordinarily smooth ride. Note the man freely standing while the yacht is running.Guillaum Plisson

A flying yacht? Sort of. Say hello to the Foiler.

The 31-foot Foiler from Enata Marine has 4 carbon fiber hydrofoils that lift the vessel 5 feet off the water, which reportedly enable higher speeds with greater efficiency than a traditional yacht. The builder also boasts a quieter, smoother ride. Also referred to as “the flying yacht,” the Foiler made her world debut at the 2018 Dubai International Boat Show.

To hydraulically launch the yacht’s hydrofoils, the helmsman presses the “Fly Mode” button on the dashboard. The yacht reportedly has a 40-knot top speed. Hydro-foiling speeds start at 18 knots, however, with 7 guests plus the pilot aboard – though Enata says guests will first feel lift at 12 knots.

The United Arab Emirates-based builder claims that the Foiler virtually eliminates seasickness for guests, even in choppy waters. With foils launched, the yacht glides smoothly over waves as high as 6.5 feet. Should her owner wish to revert the yacht to a standard configuration (sans foils, that is), all one needs to do is press the “Float Mode” button.

The Foiler “flies” 5 feet off the water on her hydrofoils.Guillaum Plisson

Also, thanks to the Foiler’s hybrid propulsion system, the yacht can run solely on battery power for 10 minutes. That means for that length of time, and at 10 knots, the yacht cruises in silence, a benefit to your neighbors when leaving a harbor early or coming back late.. Her hybrid propulsion system is comprised of twin 320 hp BMW diesel engines, two electric generators and two Enata electric torpedoes. “The two BMW inboard engines drive two generators providing the electrical power,” Enata says, explaining how the hybrid system works. “The power is then delivered to two electrical torpedoes that drive the boat.”

Enata Marine says the yacht’s responsiveness to the wheel is akin to a sportscar.Guillaum Plisson

The yacht’s hybrid propulsion provides less environmental impact than a diesel-only yacht and, at hydro-foiling speeds, has a reported 20 percent better fuel efficiency. Her decreased drag from a traditional yacht also contributes to that number.

At the touch of a button, the yacht’s hydrofoils can be lifted from the water.Guillaum Plisson

The Foiler cruises at 30 knots, at which she can reportedly go 130 nautical miles off her 300-liter (79-gallon) fuel tank. Enata says that at 20 knots, she can make 260 nautical miles. And for those who will be behind the wheel, the builder says that “it’s easier to drive than a regular yacht as there is no lag between the steering wheel and the Foiler turning. The handling is very similar to a comfortable sports car.”

The Foiler’s foredeck has side-by-side seats resembling pilot chairs.Guillaum Plisson

Enata points out that the Foiler can fit quite nicely into a superyacht garage, thanks to the fact that her foils and propellers can be raised when not in use. Additionally, the yacht has a 10-foot-10-inch beam and is 7 feet 6 inches high when in “garage mode” (all foils raised and stern foils slightly folded inward).

With foils still launched, the yacht rests at full displacement.Guillaum Plisson

According to the builder, owner's will get their Foiler delivered about 12 months after ordering. Learn more about the yacht here.

The settee forward of the swim platform offers a stern-facing view.Guillaum Plisson

Quick Specs

LOA: 31’0”

Beam with foils retracted: 10’10”

Beam with foils deployed: 23’7”

Draft in non-foiling mode: 2’

Height for storage: 7’6”

Propulsion: 2 x 320 hp BMW inboard diesel engines, 2 x electric generators, 2 x ENATA electric torpedoes

Max Speed: 40 knots

Cruise Speed: 30 knots

Day guest accommodations: 8