Aicon Yachts Looks to Hydrogen-Based Power

Partnership with Renewable Innovations has a goal of 100-percent sustainable yachting.

Aicon Yachts
Aicon Yachts Chairman and CEO Marc-Udo Brioch says 100-percent sustainable yachting is the goal. Courtesy Aicon Yachts

Aicon Yachts and Renewable Innovations have teamed up to bring hydrogen power options to boating. The goal is to eliminate the use of diesel generators at anchor and to reduce dockside electrical-grid requirements.

“Hydrogen-powered systems offer the greenest and cleanest solutions on the market and are ideal for a wide range of commercial and consumer applications,” Robert Mount, CEO and co-founder of Renewable Innovations, stated in a press release. “Our vision is to extend these solutions across every facet of life, including helping to make yachting cleaner and preserving the beauty of nature.”

The goal, according Aicon Yachts Chairman and CEO Marc-Udo Brioch, is 100-percent sustainable yachting. The builder is going to incorporate the hydrogen systems in two steps: first, to power HVAC, at-anchor power, galley appliances, lights, audiovisual systems, electronics and security systems; and second, to power a yacht’s movement by coupling hydrogen power with the ocean’s salinity.

“Yachting is all about enjoying nature at its finest and bringing the Aicon family closer to the world’s oceans, with all their majestic powers,” he said in the press release. “All this has to be achieved with the goal of experiencing them while leaving them untouched.”

How do hydrogen fuel cell systems work? They have no moving parts. Instead, they use an electrochemical reaction to create energy. They generate no carbon emissions, minimal noise and no vibrations.

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