Gill Schmid Design, Explorer Yacht
The 328-foot mega-yacht was developed in 2016.Courtesy Gill Schmid Design

Impossible Productions (now known as Gill Schmid Design) in New York City and Tim Dempers Studio in Cape Town have collaborated to design a 328-foot explorer yacht.

The super explorer's goal is to combine private-yacht luxury with the benefits of an oceangoing commercial vessel, according to Gill Schmid Design.

The vessel includes a cargo deck for shipping container stowage or for cars and yacht tenders, depending on an owner's preference. The cargo area is set between two large, circular accommodation areas (called "pods") with 360-degree views. The forward pod contains the control center of the yacht, while the aft pod is for the master stateroom.

There is also a helipad aft and "private sunken sundecks" for outdoor lounging.

Explorer Yacht, Gill Schmid Design, Concept
The explorer yacht design is the result of a 12-month a collaboration between Tim Dempers Studio and Gill Schmid Design.Courtesy Gill Schmid Design
Gill Schmid Design, Explorer Yacht
The interior renderings of the 328-foot explorer yacht show a modern look.Courtesy Gill Schmid Design