Yacht Design: Privilege Furio 6

This refreshingly edgy and spacious catamaran sets a new design standard.

September 26, 2014
Straight lines and hard edges floating atop a pair of low-resistance hulls define the Furio 6, Marc Lombard’s latest design for Privilege Marine. Courtesy Privilege Marine
“Aesthetically speaking,” Lombard wrote in the company’s brochure, “her modern and distinctive shape is especially based on the motoryacht spirit rather than on sailing catamarans adapted to power.” Courtesy Privilege Marine
Morphing a sailing cat into a displacement motor-yacht is fairly easy. The hydrodynamic characteristics required for sailing and power catamarans are close enough to permit naval-architecture overlaps, but the aesthetics are too often uninspiring. Not so for the Furio 6. Courtesy Privilege Marine
Lombard has employed angular motifs to create a visual tension that suggests power, speed and masculinity. Think Lamborghini Gallardo. In keeping with a trend in modern design, each hull of the Furio 6 has an intimidating reverse-rake stem and a sharp entry. The chine line just above the boot stripe should deflect spray and solid water, but it also reduces our perception of height in the topsides. The chine works well with the sheer line, which I think is the break running uninterruptedly from stem to stern below the cap rail. If you focus on that line, the angular windows in the topsides and the chine, you see a low-profile yacht of stunning proportions. Courtesy Privilege Marine
Above the sheer line, the topsides tumblehome ­forward and abaft the longitudinal break amidships and become part of the superstructure. On the other hand, Lombard has drawn a semicantilevered deckhouse that quotes the shape of the windows in the topsides. This treatment unites the topsides with the superstructure, establishing harmony. Courtesy Privilege Marine
The forward section of the house contains the master stateroom, and its windows, side and forward, should give the occupants a fabulous view of their surroundings. Severely raking the front of the house wastes space inside, but in a yacht this size, the trade-off is worth the fine styling. Imagine how terrible the Furio 6 would look with an upright house. Courtesy Privilege Marine
Returning to Lombard’s reference to motoryacht spirit: Trace the shape of the superstructure from the leading edge to the terminus aft, but stay above the salon’s side windows. Courtesy Privilege Marine
Now, recall the profile of the many high-style monohulls you’ve seen in Yachting and in the harbors everywhere. See the similarity? Quoting that motif helps to remove the Furio 6 from the ho-hum of less adventurous catamaran designs. Courtesy Privilege Marine
Lombard also has made the flybridge an integral part of the overall aesthetic. Even the hardtop looks good. If you study the way in which he quotes angles and opposes others throughout the design, you’ll understand how a master makes art out of simple lines. Courtesy Privilege Marine
LOA: 63’5″
DWL: 61’4″
BEAM: 29’2″
DRAFT: 4’6″
DISPL.: 77,000 lb. (light ship)
FUEL: 1,550 gal.
WATER: 188 gal.
ENGINES: 2 x 435 hp Volvo Penta IPS600 diesels
Courtesy Privilege Marine
Privilege Marine,
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Courtesy Privilege Marine

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