Wood is Good

Nautique Optix sunglasses protect your eyes, in style.

Nautique Optix

Nautique OptixCourtesy Nautique

Anyone who spends a substantial amount of time on the water knows that polarized sunglasses are more than a fashion statement — they are pieces of safety equipment that protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays while reducing glare and aiding visibility. Equipped with Carl Zeiss Vision polarized lenses for that purpose, Nautique Optix's recently released shades with wooden frames ($225) provide a unique style that goes against the grain of ordinary mass-produced plastic frames. There are five different styles of shades crafted from seven different types of wood, including cherry, mahogany, maple and oak. (That's right; you can match your frames to your brightwork!) The best part about this these glasses is that there is no sanding or varnishing required — and they float!

Nautique Optix, 440-354-9663; nautiqueoptix.com