Wind Ponies?

A scaled-down version of the FPB 83 Wind Horse, the FPB 64 has met with big success.

Wind Horse

Fans of veteran sailor, boat designer and author Steve Dashew will be excited (but not surprised!) to hear that his Fast Pilot Boat 64, a scaled-down version of the FPB 83 Wind Horse, on which he and his wife, Linda, have cruised for seven years, has met with big success. There are now four FPB 64s afloat. The first is in her second season of cruising the tropical South Pacific; the second returned to Puget Sound from New Zealand and was in Neah Bay, Washington, within 100 days of launching; the third is in its first season of cruising the South Pacific, and the fourth is in Australia after returning through storm-force conditions in the East Australian current. Three more are being built in New Zealand, and an FPB 115 design is under way. Read about Steve and Linda's journies aboard Wind Horse from the fjords of Svalbard to 80 degrees North, and through the historic St. Katharine Docks and England's vibrant capital.