Welcome inside the Amels Process

Video: Captain discusses crew experience during major refit of the 161-foot Volpini.

Amels yacht Volpini

Volpini originally launched in 2004.Courtesy Amels

The 161-foot Amels Volpini recently returned to the yard where she originally launched in 2004 for an extensive refit that included exterior paint, interior renovations, and machinery and electronics upgrades.

“The owner wanted it to look exactly as it looked 10 years ago when it was brought out,” Capt. Nathan McFadyen stated in a news release. “We had some woodwork done in France prior to coming here, and they couldn’t match the wood at all.” Amels’ team, McFadyen said, did woodwork repair that was “absolutely fantastic.”

Learn more about the experience that McFadyen and the crew had during the project in this video.