Watch: Helicopter Landing on Yacht

Pilot Jay Schmidlapp lands a Eurocopter EC 135 on a moving yacht.

January 7, 2016

“I’m landing an EC135 on a yacht in Croatia,” Jay said in the video description. “We are Intercepting our yacht 60 miles off shore from the NW coast of Croatia after making a grocery run. At the end I’m giving the signal for a quick rinse down with the blades turning.”

When asked “Why don’t you stop the yacht before the helicopter landing? Wouldn’t that be safer?”

Jay replied:


“No its not safer.

  1. When the yacht is underway with the stabilizers extended it decreases the pitch and roll of yacht creating a more stable platform/L.Z.

  2. The forward speed of the ship which is headed into the wind gives added lift to the helicopter requiring less power to maintain lift.


I prefer to land underway than at anchor to these factors. There are other factors as well that must be considered but these are the primary ones.”

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