Viking's Next Generation

The Viking Yacht Company introduces a new generation of the popular Viking 55 Convertible.

Viking 55 Convertible

Viking Yacht Company

The Viking Yacht Company's 55 Convertible, first introduced in 1996, is about to break new ground. The company recently announced the launch of a new generation of the 55 Convertible.

"Viking first introduced a 55 Convertible to rave reviews for its styling, performance and tournament pedigree," notes the company's press release. "Viking would build over 153 of these ground breaking convertibles, which became the most popular boat in its class of that decade. As this new generation 55 Convertible featuring an exclusive high-speed running surface is about to launch, it appears this introduction is in fine company."

The press release notes that the flying bridge will have a center console command station featuring power-assisted hydraulic steering, single-lever electronic controls, and electronic trolling valves. A freezer, stowage compartments, tackle space, a step box cooler, and engine room access will be built into the mezzanine deck.

The William Bales and Company interior will be a "most inviting interior ideal for relaxing, entertaining or campaigning on the tournament trail for weeks at a time," notes the release.

Hull number one will feature a pair of MAN V12 1550 CRM engines rated at 1,550 mhp each, and several engine packages will be available from MAN and Caterpillar.