Video: Watching the America's Cup From A Moorings Charter

Yachting takes in the America's Cup from the deck of a The Moorings 4800, and it was the best view in the house.

We were recently afforded the opportunity to visit Bermuda during the America's Cup, while staying on board a Moorings 4800 catamaran sailboat.

The venue could not have been better as tropical breezes and clear-blue water kept everyone relaxed and happy as they watched the all-carbon, space-age racing sailboats of the America’s Cup whiz around the course at speeds approaching 50 knots. The Moorings cat itself is a highly useable platform for such an occasion as the boat’s large, wide decks let everyone have enough space to really spread out as they take in the races.

The boat’s two crew were incredibly diligent, getting us in the right spot to catch all the action while also keeping the passengers refreshed with good food and cold drinks. It was quite the event, and one made all the more special by our time aboard.