Video: Flying High

An innovative new foiling design from Quadrofoil could change the way we see personal water craft forever.

Quadrofoil thumb

Quadrofoil, a high-tech development company, has just released a cutting edge design that is sure to turn heads - the first all electric, hydrofoiling personal watercraft.

With attention to aerodynamic details and the precision engineering of its foils, Quadrofoil ensures that the craft can glide through the surface, easily reaching cruising speeds of 20 knots.

Its sleek look and lightweight hull (just 220 lbs.) aren’t all about speed though, there’s more to this craft than meets the eye. It’s designed to be eco-friendly and completely oil free, running an all-electric outboard motor that can take you over 60 miles on a single charge. Not only that, but at a cost of just $1.25/hour, it is the most efficient PWC on the water.

Two models are currently in production by Quadrofoil. The limited edition Q2S starts at $28,000 and hits the water in March 2015 for a lucky 100 owners. After that, the Q2A priced at $18,700 will become available mid-year.

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