Uniquely Nautical Chart Art

These custom wooden charts can be made into tables or wall hangings, and make great gifts.

November 8, 2013

Wooden Nautical Chart

The best charts aren’t always electronic; hanging a nautical chart is an easy way to spice up the decor aboard your yacht or home. Uniquely Nautical makes one-of-a-kind 3-D nautical charts that are sure to have your guests talking. Whether your boating playground is a pond or the Pacific Ocean, it can be etched into a decorative piece of wood. Various levels of incisions on the artwork provide a depth to the display. Further personalization comes in the ability to have a picture of your home, boat or even some of your favorite watering holes carved into the map. Text can also be added to the chart to commemorate a special occasion, making this an item you’ll want to pass on to future generations. Check out the video below to see how these 3-D charts are made.


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