Terrafin Software's SST-View

Terrafin Software's SST-View offers high-resolution sea-surface temperature charts over the Internet.

High-resolution sea-surface-temperature charts can help anglers locate fish by identifying temperature breaks where bait fish school in the nutrient-rich water. In response to a need for a recreational SST service, Terrafin Software recently introduced SST-View, an Internet-delivered service that employs data from NOAA polar orbiting satellites.

Using proprietary software to assist in the creation of the charts and delivering them over the Internet has placed a year's subscription at about $95, less than the amount per month of many commercial services.

SST-View is available for about 100 regions, including the West Coast, the Gulf Coast, Florida and the East Coast. Updates occur daily, assuming reasonably cloud-free satellite shots.

Terrafin zooms in on specific regions, overlays a lat/lon grid, adds key bottom contours, then plots a variety of reference points on the chart.

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