U-Boat Worx Debuts Production Sub

The U-Boat Worx Nemo is the world’s first production-line submarine.

The U-Boat Worx Nemo can take two passengers to a maximum depth of 330 feet.Courtesy U-Boat Worx

U-boat Worx’s Nemo is the world’s first production-built submersible vehicle. Power is a lithium-ion battery, and steering is via a thruster system, delivering speeds up to 3 knots. The two-person sub can dive to 330 feet, and it employs air scrubbers for eight hours of run time. Nemo weighs 5,510 pounds and requires less on-deck space than two personal watercraft. It comes with a single-point hoisting system and can be stored on flat surfaces sans cradle.

“Creating a submersible that is truly pilot-oriented was the hardest part,” says Roy Heijdra, U-Boat Worx’s marketing manager. “We created a short list of features and technologies we really wanted to incorporate in this design to have it meet our standards.” Still, Heijdra says, creating a production model was “one of the more difficult submersibles we’ve designed to date.” U-Boat Worx overcame the challenges by leveraging its extensive knowledge of building bespoke subs.

U-Boat Worx’s onboard system displays germane navigational information, including a level horizon, on a touchscreen display.Courtesy U-Boat Worx
A wireless ­communication system enables two-way communications with crew on the mothership at the surface.Courtesy U-Boat Worx
Owners can add a sonar package, an ultrashort baseline system delivering GPS information and tracking, a lighting package and a five-function manipulator arm.Courtesy U-Boat Worx

Nemo submersibles are meant to be owner-operated. They employ U-Boat Worx’s Manta controller and pilot-assistance functions (such as auto-heading and auto-depth). Purchase price includes a 12-day training course for owners or captains at U-Boat Worx’s Sub Center Curaçao.

Take the next step: nemo-submarine.com