Onboard the MCY 70

The Monte Carlo Yachts 70 has DNA you will recognize.

Monte Carlo Yachts 70
The Monte Carlo Yachts 70 is an updated design based on an earlier 70-footer.Courtesy Monte Carlo Yachts

There are just 12 notes in a chromatic scale, but when arranged well, they create memorable melodies. And variations of those notes can make up new melodies that are also memorable.

Consider, then, that the Monte Carlo Yachts 70—a variation of MCY’s original 70-footer launched around ­seven years ago—builds on the notes that came ­before her. She adds new tones, ­textures and counterpoints, and in turn, a new melody.

Monte Carlo Yachts 70
Some of the MCY 70’s updates included increasing the size of the salon windows and cutting down the bulwarks amidships.Courtesy Monte Carlo Yachts

The most influential design notes can be seen from inside and ­outside the yacht alike. Salon windows measure about 81 inches long by about 51 ­inches wide. When combined with newly ­cut-down bulwarks ­amidships, the windows ­create a wide-open ­connection to the sea. Another benefit of those ­windows is increased light beaming into the main deck. Yet more light comes through a single-pane windshield forward, also part of the yacht’s updated design.

The 70’s open floor plan—from the sliding cockpit doors to the lower helm ­forward—is home to white-oak cabinets and sole, and low-back furniture that lines up with the bottom of the ­windows. Black marble ­countertops and black-lacquered wood contrast with the white oak and give the MCY 70 a contemporary feeling.

Monte Carlo Yachts 70
The MCY 70’s flybridge has a lightweight, carbon-fiber, retractable hardtop. The space also has a teak dining table, two L-shaped settees, a helm station and companion seating.Courtesy Monte Carlo Yachts

Inset, blade-shaped glass ­stretches down the yacht’s hullside, flanking the forepeak VIP stateroom, which was previously outfitted with two rounded ports. The updated setup elongates the hull’s profile while lowering it visually, helping to give the yacht a sense of movement, even at anchor.

Some DNA signatures, such as rounded hullside windows and high freeboard forward, remain intact. Those rounded windows amidships, however, have increased in size by about 20 percent. Retaining signature traits is a purposeful move by Monte Carlo Yachts, which is ­taking an ­automotive-style ­approach to its designs. Dan Lenard, who helps to lead the Nuvolari Lenard design team that created the MCY 70, uses the ­analogy of a Porsche 911. He says that while the car is upgraded and ­enhanced over the years, brand enthusiasts still know a 911 at first glance. Such is the plan for the Monte Carlo Yachts line. ­Incremental, not radical, changes should ensure an identifiable look along with updated styling.

Monte Carlo Yachts 70
The first MCY 70’s full-beam master stateroom had a diagonal, aft-facing berth with an en suite head abaft it, as well as an L-shaped settee to starboard. The new 70 has a forward-facing berth on ­centerline, flanked by a settee to port and a desk to starboard.Courtesy Monte Carlo Yachts

Having spent time on both the first- and second-generation MCY 70s, I find it interesting to see how seven years of knowledge helped the builder create a yacht that whistles a familiar tune, but with a musicality all her own.

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