Mantaray Launches 40-knot Hydrofoil

Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft’s has go-fast performance and room for four people.

At 25 knots, the can reportedly cruise for two hours using electric power.Courtesy Mantaray

The is a foiling powerboat designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team and built by Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft. It incorporates Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft’s Dynamic Wing Technology, and it can carry four people. The foils roughly 12 inches above the water, allowing owners to use a standard-size Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motor or a 50 hp Honda gasoline outboard engine. Once aloft, the boat reportedly delivers a smooth, quiet ride, maximum speeds of 40 knots, and cruising speeds of 30 knots while sipping amp-hours or fuel.

Whom It’s For: The Mantaray Hydrofoil Craft’s is for boaters who enjoy moving quickly and efficiently over the water with their friends and family.

Picture This: It’s afternoon in Seattle when the conversation turns to Penn Cove mussels. You and your family load up the and blast up to Whidbey Island in time for dinner at the Captain Whidbey Inn, with a spectacular sunset en route home.

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