Seattle Yachts International Refines the Yacht Sales Experience

Whether day boating or on a longer trip, we have the cruising yacht to meet your needs.

May 27, 2020
Seattle Yachts International
Seattle Yachts International Refines the Yacht Sales Experience Seattle Yachts International

Not too many years ago, when someone went shopping for a new or used boat, they would attend boat shows, scan printed listings, and establish a relationship with a local yacht broker. The broker would use available resources to help understand what the buyer was looking for and assist in finding potential boats that matched these requirements among what was available locally or within the broker’s personal network.

When it was time to sell, often the same broker would help list the boat, determine an appropriate listing price, and represent the boat to any interested buyers through the process from initial inquiry to sea trial and final sale.

The buyer/broker relationship frequently developed into friendship, often lasting years and several boats.


Then came the Internet and boat shopping became a sport, with online listings from around the world. These early MLS websites weren’t perfect but were the way of the future. Soon they became the new normal for anyone boat shopping with an Internet connection.

Unfortunately, there are two fundamental issues with most MLS websites. First is the assumption that one already knows what they think they are looking for. If one wants a sailboat or trawler in a certain size range, and is open to listings from multiple regions, who has the patience to sift through thousands of boats that come back from the search?

The other issue is the lost relationship with an experienced broker, a marine industry professional who is a far better filter than any search engine. The right broker can refine what a buyer is really looking for among the available choices. They ask the important questions. They have experience with yacht brands and know some of the issues of some boats. A broker will certainly use a MLS website as one of the available tools, but with better focus.


How About A Different Approach?

Enter Seattle Yachts International, a yacht sales and brokerage operation that is breaking the mold of the traditional yacht sales and brokerage business. Originally formed in 1983 as SAS Yachts (Sailboats at Shilshole), the company initially focused on new and used sailboats for sailors in the Puget Sound area. It changed its name to Seattle Yachts in 2009.

Another Pacific Northwest company, Northwest Yachts, began in 1992, representing a line of trawlers as well as long-range cruising yachts available in the brokerage market. Based in Anacortes, Washington, the company is located at a major jumping off point for cruising the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, making it a logical place to search for a cruising boat.

Northwest 63
The new Northwest 63 is a true offshore expedition yacht ready for adventure. Seattle Yachts International

In 2016, the two companies merged into Seattle Yachts, bringing experienced yacht brokers into both offices to provide knowledgeable service for anyone interested in a cruising sailboat, trawler, or motoryacht. With a common denominator of knowledgeable brokers experienced in cruising solutions, the two offices built a reputation as an excellent yacht sales resource.


To expand its regional expertise to a wider range of the nation’s cruising markets, the Seattle Yachts operation has since opened Florida offices in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, as well as California offices in San Diego and Alameda. Seattle Yachts also has satellite offices in the San Juan Islands, St Augustine, Florida, Marina Del Rey in California, and Subic Bay in the Philippines. Another office will soon open in Tampa/St Petersburg.

What is exceptionally unique about what is now Seattle Yachts International is that the company has many decades of experience in both power and sail for anyone interested in cruising. In addition to an integrated network to support its internal brokerage business to buy and sell boats, the company also represents several premium yacht brands to satisfy a wide range of cruising and boating interests.

Seattle Yachts International offers a one-stop shopping experience with the ability to source brokerage boats from both coasts because the offices work together to assist a buyer in finding his or her dream boat wherever it is located. Each broker has the resources of a large, well-established company supporting local offices, with experts available within the organization to help guide and refine the buying or selling process, no matter where the customer is located.

Seattle Yachts
Seattle Yachts recently became the Hampton and Endurance dealer for the east coast. Seattle Yachts International

All the Seattle Yachts’ offices represent the following quality yacht brands, as well as its full-service brokerage operation to help sell your boat or help you buy a new one:

  • Northern Marine
  • Northwest Yachts
  • Alaskan Yachts
  • Nimbus Boats
  • Regency Yachts
  • Legacy Yachts
  • Paragon Boats

In addition to the above brands, the Seattle Yachts Florida team also represents these yacht companies:

Texas to East Coast:

  • Hampton Yachts
  • Endurance Yachts

East Coast:

  • American Tug

The West Coast offices also represent:

  • Hanse Yachts
  • Dehler Yachts
  • Moody Yachts
  • Tartan Yachts

Three of these yacht brands are in-house yachts: Northern Marine, Northwest Yachts, and Alaskan Yachts. Northern Marine has a world-wide reputation for building long range expedition yachts second to none, located in Anacortes. Northwest Yachts and Alaskan Yachts are semi-custom motoryachts with a decided trawler and expedition influence. They represent the latest in contemporary yacht design capable of safely cruising anywhere.

Northern Marine 57
Seattle Yachts has a new Northern Marine 57 currently in production and available for sale. There is even time to choose your color. Seattle Yachts International

Having such superb yachts within the Seattle Yachts organization means that wherever you are on the cruising boat spectrum, there is a cruising boat for you. In addition to the experienced staff of brokers, the company has boat builders, naval architects, and designers who can work with you to build your ultimate dream cruiser. Building a new yacht is a tremendous experience and working with a professional team from initial concept through to launch can be the thrill of a lifetime.

Seattle Yachts International has confidently built a nationwide network of yacht services to help with all your cruising boating needs. Brokers communicate with other offices to get answers and inquire about cruising yachts that may be available, so a buyer is assured there is a network of resources working in their interests. And because these brokers are familiar with both yachts on the brokerage market, as well as new yachts and boats in the Seattle Yachts International lineup, one can be certain the Seattle Yachts Team will help customers find the right cruising boat among the often overwhelming options and choices one finds at a large boat show.

Seattle Yachts International has a presence at all major boat shows, Trawler Fest, and many local shows near its local offices.

Buying and selling a cruising boat in today’s market has never been easier and working through the process can be an enjoyable experience. Contact your nearest Seattle Yachts office, or stop by its booth at a show, and be introduced to brokers ready and willing to take care of you. Whether you are looking to buy your first cruising boat, upgrade to the next level, or consider a new custom build with the assistance of successful boat builders, Seattle Yachts International wants to make your experience a pleasure.

It is even the company’s tagline: Our business is fun.


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