Made in the Shade

SureShade’s M3 system keeps cockpits and foredecks protected from the sun.

SureShade’s M3 system creates sun protection for cockpits and foredecks.Courtesy Ocean Alexander

Sureshade’s M3 Automated Mega Shade is for larger yachts, giving owners the ability to throw crowd-pleasing shade over foredecks, bow areas and cockpits. Electric motors deploy the M3’s three-stage telescoping stainless-steel frame, which supports a Sunbrella awning. Mega Shades come in 9-, 10- and 12-foot extensions, and the canvas is available in dozens of colors.

“The challenge [was] maintaining our robust, self-supported framework while increasing our extension length to accommodate larger boats,” says Ron Russikoff, SureShade’s co-founder.

“We’ve been able to deliver our new 12-foot [M3] after undergoing extensive engineering to ensure we maintain a high-quality product.”

M3 systems are for vessels about 35 feet length overall and longer.

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