Sharrow Ax-2 Propeller is Here

The five-blade Sharrow Ax-2 is the latest propeller from Sharrow Marine.

February 25, 2021
Sharrow Marine Ax-2 propeller
The Sharrow Marine Ax-2 propeller is designed to work with outboard and sterndrive engines. Sharrow Marine

Sharrow Marine, which got its start with the award-winning Sharrow Propeller in 2019, has added a five-blade version called the Sharrow Ax-2.

Each Sharrow Ax-2 is CNC-machined from stainless steel to work on outboard or sterndrive engines of 100 to 450 horsepower. The Ax-2 is the highest-rake Sharrow prop available, with each unit custom configured for the vessel.

Right- and left-hand configurations are available, and hub inserts are included.


According to Sharrow Marine, the new design offers the same handling and efficiency of the Sharrow MX-1 while adding lift and responsiveness.

Does the Sharrow Ax-2 come with a warranty? Yes. There’s a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. A separate one-year plan covers repairs and service, with longer service plans available. 

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