Garmin’s Marq Signature Set

Garmin releases a limited series of its luxury modern tool watches.

The five Marq watches in the collection, each for a different activity, are the Driver, Aviator, Captain, Adventurer and Athlete.Courtesy Garmin

About a year ago, in celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary, Garmin introduced its Marq series of watches. Marketed as “luxury modern tools,” each watch is made of titanium with built-in smart features for different activities. The Marq Captain, for instance, is for boaters, with a regatta-timer bezel, coastal charts, tack assist, port conditions, and current wind speed, temperature and tide information. It also has a unique Jacquard weave strap from the south of France for use in saltwater environments. The other four Marq models—Driver, Aviator, Adventurer and Athlete—are similarly equipped for racing, flying, exploring and sports performance.

Now, Garmin has put all five of the Marq watches together into the Signature Set. Only 100 of the numbered sets are available, each priced at $10,000. (Individually, each watch is priced at $1,500 to $2,500.)

The Adventurer

A built-in altimeter, barometer and compass are among this watch’s features, along with ClimbPro.Courtesy Garmin

The Athlete

A recovery-time scale is on this watch’s bezel, allowing for a quick-glance performance snapshot.Courtesy Garmin

The Driver

Pre-loaded with 250 racetracks and a track timer, this watch is built for Auto Lap splits and live delta time.Courtesy Garmin

The Aviator

This watch shows pilots two time zones in addition to the current time and comes with aviation maps.Courtesy Garmin

The Captain

This watch face displays wind speed, temperature and tide information. Coastal charts are inside.Courtesy Garmin

“Those who wear Marq wear the exploits of countless pilots, sailors, adventurers and athletes who have trusted our products with their lives in the most challenging places on Earth,” Garmin president and CEO Cliff Pemble states in a letter of authenticity that comes with each set. “Simply stated, Marq is an indelible stamp of credibility.”

The Signature Set, which became available this past December, comes in a handmade solid-walnut box. Each watch has a sapphire-crystal lens for durability; an always-on, sunlight-readable display with GPS; and built-in music storage, Garmin Pay, wrist-based heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter, and more. Each of the watches is also compatible with Garmin’s QuickFit solution for swapping out straps, should any boater grow tired of the Jacquard weave with the Marq Captain.