Ferretti Partners with Videoworks

This new system allows you to play music beneath the water.

Ancona, Italy, serves as Videoworks’ headquarters. Its technology turns the Pershing 8X’s hull into an underwater speaker.Courtesy Videoworks and Pershing Yacht

Music hull is a technology developed by the Ferretti Group and Videoworks for the Pershing 8X to play music—above deck and below the waterline. Unlike regular stereos that use magnet-driven speaker cones, Music Hull uses six “shakers,” which vibrate and are fitted to the inside surface of the yacht’s carbon-fiber hull. The technology “transforms a part of the hull into a massive high-fidelity, planar, radiating speaker using bending-wave-acoustics physics,” says Randy Coleman, Ferretti Group’s vice president of North American sales. Coleman adds that the system delivers even sound pressure and frequency response, sans through-hull apertures.

According to Maurizio Minossi, Videoworks’ chief technical officer, the project’s highest hurdle involved “finding the right positions on the hull [for the shakers] and the right power for amplifiers.”

How It Works

Music Hull reportedly works in all water types and temperatures, but the system applies different real-time calibrations to deliver optimal sound quality at different salinity levels and temperatures.
Once installed, the system delivers high-quality sound across a 65-foot radius.
It’s currently exclusive to the Pershing 8X, but Music Hull could someday be sold on the aftermarket.

Other core technologies include digital-signal processing and a calibration algorithm in the Videoworks-built infotainment system. The algorithm drives the shakers, as well as a hull-mounted hydrophone, enabling the system to calibrate—automatically, in real time—its audio source and volume levels.

Users can stream music off their mobile devices, which can be wirelessly networked to the system.

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