Somebody’s Always Watching

MyCerberus tells a help desk your boat has problems before you even notice them.


Videoworks offers a number of solutions for yachts.Courtesy Videoworks

Videoworks in Italy has launched a service called MyCerberus that sends systems failure warnings to a central help desk before boaters may even realize anything is wrong.

MyCerberus — named for Greek mythology’s virtually impassable three-headed hellhound who guards the gates to the underworld — is designed to monitor systems for audio/video, entertainment, security cameras, video conferencing and more. The technology notifies Videoworks engineers of a problem and allows them to take immediate action remotely, without any further notification needed from the yacht’s owner or captain.

The MyCerberus system joins other Videoworks products including MyConcierge (a virtual “butler”), MyConnections (for Internet hookups), MyInfos (for navigation details), MyScreen (for video streaming) and MyOlos (for on-demand digital content). Learn more at