On the Sochi Riviera

The 302-foot Nobiskrug Tatoosh is the largest yacht in Russia for the Olympic Games.

Superyacht Tatoosh

Tatoosh, at 302 feet LOA, is the largest yacht in Sochi, Russia, for the winter Olympic Games.

When you think of Sochi and the winter Olympic Games — and all the reports of falling-apart hotel rooms, and all the media coverage of homeless dogs being rounded up — you probably don’t think “exotic Russian Riviera.” But that’s exactly what the host nation had in mind when it spent tens of millions of dollars converting a cargo port into a marina where superyacht owners could dock for the event.

Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently has been using several yachts at the marina, including the 187-foot Feadship Olympia. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is also rumored to have slip arrangements in Sochi for the 176-foot Proteksan-Turquoise Sirius.

Both, however, are being dwarfed by the 302-foot Nobiskrug Tatoosh, which is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Tatoosh has been wowing everyone along the docks with her sheer size.

There are no reports about whether Allen and his friends are watching some of the Sochi events in the onboard cinema, or if they’re hitting the onboard gym, swimming pool and basketball court to try to look fit while wandering around the Olympic Village.

Maybe they’ll invite some of the U.S. athletes over for a few hours in the yacht’s massage room or to watch a highlight reel of the recent Super Bowl, which Allen’s Seattle Seahawks recently won in a walk.