Better Troubleshooting at the Helm

Simrad’s Network Analyzer and Service Assistant is made to enhance customer service.

Which versions it's for: The Network Analyzer and Service Assistant is available in Simrad's latest software release (version 54.1.85) via a one-time, free download to compatible equipment.Courtesy Simrad

Simrad has released a Network Analyzer and Service Assistant for use with all NSS evo2, NSO 3vo2 and GO multifunction displays with GoFree connectivity. The new tool lets boaters send system information to service teams for easier troubleshooting and faster customer service, no matter where the boat is with a wireless network connection.

The Network Analyzer also notifies users when new software is available for displays, expansion modules and other networked devices. It can send detailed reports about any Ethernet and NMEA 2000 network devices, including their software versions and serial numbers, so that tech support can resolve issues faster.

The service report can also include screen shots, so the tech on the other end can see what users are seeing on the boat.